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Running Lines


Our expert weavers individually tend to all of our carpets from start to finish. Trained in the historic Langhorne tradition, our weavers operate the broadloom much like a professional musician plays an instrument, crafting works of art worthy of the finest residences and halls in the world.  

Our largest looms produce pieces that are 12 feet wide. For larger rooms or halls, we hand-seam pieces together to create carpets that range in size from a medium-sized bedroom to a State Capitol’s House of Representatives chamber.

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Runners/Narrow Pieces

Langhorne will roll out the finest of carpets for you and your guests, as each weaver skillfully crafts and oversees one carpet at a time. We believe in quality, and that means attention to detail at every step in the process, from the design to literally inspecting the final product by hand before it leaves the mill. 

For small custom projects, runners or reproductions, Langhorne uses traditional 27-inch or 36-inch looms. These looms enable us to create small, customized runners and rugs according to our customers’ various needs. 

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Borders can enliven an interior by accentuating the beauty and elegance of a superior carpet. Much like a frame around a work of art, a tasteful border accents a carpet’s distinctiveness and pronounces it clearly as the foundation for a luxurious room or hall. 

We are available to discuss borders for any carpet design and, with our extensive experience over the past 80 years, are confident that our designs will satisfy every customer’s needs and taste. Contact our mill to learn more about bordering your carpet.

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Alex Papachristidis Collection

Alex Papachristidis is an American original and our exclusive design partner in addition to being one of the world’s most innovative young designers. His distinctive work has been described as a dynamic fusion of the modern and eclectic with the luxurious and traditional. Manhattan-based with a global clientele, he has been featured in leading consumer and trade home furnishings publications including The New York Times, House & Garden, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Hampton Style, and New York Home.

The marriage of the leading-edge Papachristidis studio and legendary Langhorne workmanship results in a wonderfully lush, tactile all-wool Wilton carpet that makes an exhilarating foundation to any fine interior.

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