We create original designs for unique spaces in family homes and offices around the world. Our Jacquard Wilton looms enable us to weave a far ranging variety of designs and constructions, allowing us the agility we need to weave carpets for unique spaces or with unique elements such as a seal, family crest or artistic rendering.

Our 80th Anniversary commemorative tapestry, the proceeds from which will benefit Habitat for Humanity, illustrates the care and attention to detail that are involved in some of our custom creations. The “Tree of Life” design, fashioned by renowned designer and partner, Alex Papachristidis, morphed from a work of art on paper to what we like to think of as a work of art on carpet.


All woven carpet, when it comes off the loom, requires finishing its exposed edges in order to keep them from unraveling. When making area rugs, runners, etc., we provide several options to meet our customers’ needs and tastes.

Binding, serging, and fringing are three of the most popular and timeless finishing techniques offered to customize the look and feel of a Langhorne Carpet, while enhancing durability.


Binding prevents fraying and extends the life of the carpet. It involves fastening a 1.25" width 100% cotton strip, or "tape," around the perimeter of the rug.  The border "tape" is available in a wide range of colors.


Serging is another form of edging by which we at Langhorne use 100% wool yarn tightly looped around the carpet’s perimeter. Colors for serging material are often selected to complement the design and palette of the rug.


Wool fringe is often used on the ends of narrow or area rugs to add a touch of elegance. Langhorne provides various colors of knotted yarn made exclusively for Langhorne carpets, using only the finest quality wool.

Phil Pearlman, a legend through the custom wilton industry, has trained generations of Langhorne artisans.