We are honored when a designer, architect or archivist comes to us with a particularly challenging project, such as reproducing, to museum-quality standards, the original carpet in a state capitol, home or historic building. We have created carpets with designs ranging from simple patterns to family crests to historic reproductions. Our ability to reproduce the most complex of designs is unmatched and widely admired.

Congress Hall
Philadelphia, PA

Image of Congress Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Old Boston State House
Boston, MA

Image of the Old Boston State House in Boston, MA

Frederick Douglass House
Washington, D.C.

Image of the Frederick Douglass House in Washington, D.C.

Blair House
Washington, D.C.

Image of the Blair House in Washington, D.C.

American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA

Image of American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, PA

Martin Van Buren House
Kinderhook, NY

Image of the Martin Van Buren House in Kinderhook, NY

Winterthur Country Estate
Winterthur, DE

Image of the Wintethur Country Estate in Winterthur, DE

Villa Louis
Prairie du Chien, WI

Image of Villa Louis in Prairie du Chien, WI