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Established in 1930, the Wilton carpets of Langhorne Carpet Company grace grand rooms in renowned residences, businesses, and historic landmarks worldwide. Each work starts with a tireless and uncompromising passion for quality. Langhorne is not an assembly-line mass manufacturer. Unlike so many low-cost, low-quality competitors, Langhorne is motivated by the belief that smaller is better. We are an artisanal mill that is among only a handful of authentic jacquard Wilton carpet weavers left in the world.

In stark contrast to our petrochemical-based competitors, Langhorne is dedicated to preserving the environment by using only natural and sustainable fibers. Our face yarns are 100% wool. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and fire resistant while offering luxury, endurance, safety, and a sense of natural wellbeing. Back yarns are 100% natural cotton and jute.

All of our carpets are woven from start-to-finish at our mill in Penndel, Pennsylvania and we are proud to say they are Made In America.

Except for overruns and seconds sold from our “Backroom”, we do not sell direct to consumers. Orders are placed through our sales representatives and chain of local dealers. Use the “Send Us A Message” feature below to request a representative or dealer near you.

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Link to information about our Running Lines

Running Lines

Many of Langhorne Carpets’ most popular patterns and colorways are in stock and can be cut to order and shipped within days. See our stocked Broodloom (12’) and Narrowloom (27” and 36”) carpets.

Link to information about our Historical Reproductions

Historic Reproductions

Curators and preservationists turn to Langhorne Carpets to reproduce the most iconic and complex carpet designs for some of the world’s most beloved historic buildings.

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Custom Carpets

Langhorne Carpets creates original custom carpet weaves for distinctive spaces in family homes and offices around the world.

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