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Many of Langhorne Carpets’ most popular patterns and colorways are in stock and can be cut to order and shipped within days. See our stocked Broodloom (12’) and Narrowloom (27” and 36”) carpets.

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white and blue Langhorne carpet
Langhorne’s stocked broadloom carpets are woven in 12-foot widths. Rolls are generally 35 yards long. Broadloom is the traditional wall-to-wall carpet, but it can be cut-to-size for area rugs or runners.


Zebra white and brown Langhorne carpet
Langhorne operates looms that weave jacquard Wilton carpets in 27’ and 36” widths identical to the Wilton carpets woven in the Victorian era. For wall-to-wall applications, narrow goods must be sewn together on-site by professional installers to obtain the necessary dimensions.

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