Carpet Finishing: Binding, Serging, and Fabrication

All woven carpet, when it comes off the loom, requires finishing in order to keep exposed edges from unraveling. When making area rugs, runners, etc., we provide several options to meet our customers’ needs and tastes.

Binding and serging are the traditional finishing techniques that enhance durability of a carpet-while customizing the look and feel of a Langhorne Carpet.


Binding prevents fraying and extends the life of the carpet. It involves machine fastening a 1.25″ width 100% cotton strip, or “tape,” around the perimeter of the rug. The border “tape” is available in a wide range of colors.


Serging is another form of machine edging by which Langhorne tightly loops 100% wool yarn around the carpet’s perimeter. Colors for serging material complement the design and palette of the rug—most often by using the same carpet yarn as the background of the carpet, unless otherwise specified.


At Langhorne, we have in-house fabricators who, besides serging and binding, can also hand-sew our carpet to create unique rugs with or without borders. Our artisanal work ensures squares, rectangles, circles and other shapes are all possible.