December 2022 Designer & Dealer Update

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Langhorne Carpet cut order

To Our Valued Dealers and Designers:

Langhorne Carpet Cut Order

Langhorne Carpet Co, Penndel, PA

Langhorne Carpet Company is pleased to announce that for the first time since before COVID, we are beginning to make rolls of stock of our running Wilton carpet lines that are known throughout the industry for quality and durability.

Like many other industries in the current labor environment, Langhorne Carpet Company has experienced painful labor shortages. Starting last fall and continuing well into 2022, we suffered from a severe shortage of full-time weavers. As one of our established customers, we know you felt first-hand the effects of our production delays.

Over the course of this year, we have worked diligently to return to normal production output. The overriding objective has been to timely provide your customers with the luxurious Wilton carpets we have been manufacturing since 1930.

We are pleased to let you know that we now have a complete complement of full time, fully trained weavers on staff and soon will be able to offer our authorized dealers and designers the ability to select “in stock” lines of Wilton carpet.

Starting this week, we are in full production in the black and white colorway of our popular Spots pattern, to be followed by our Cosmos, Crossed, Chain, Zebra Loop, and Zebra Cut patterns.  Also, we currently have a considerable supply of our colorful Pixels pattern in stock with more rolls on the way.   We will keep you up to date as we progress with weaving stock carpets in other colorways.

For more information, to receive free samples, or to place an order, please call Mitch Reilly at 215-757-5155 or email