What’s New At Langhorne Carpets?

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2015 is fast becoming one of our most prolific years, especially in terms of adding new collections and custom designs to our running lines. Here are some exuberant examples of our woven wool carpets:
Double-Bleached White: A Color For All Seasons
In fashion, white is usually confined to the closet until after Memorial Day when warmer weather takes hold. But in home décor, white has always had a following regardless of season. In response to trendsetting designers and decorators – we have unveiled this new collection of white-on-white in tone-on-tone styles and textures.
Chimes – Double Bleached White / Pattern #: 21943
Black & White: And Electrifying 
Available in three additional new B&W patterns, including Pinwheel (see below), this collection is anything but unassuming. From fun and fancy to formal, this collection is already turning heads from residences to boardrooms.


Inspired by the natural world and available in two colorways, this new line joins the list of Langhorne’s fauna favorites that include zebra and antelope. And is welcomed alongside our new Conservation Collection that debuted with Willow and Carapace designs from winners of the Morrow Design Competition.
Noted above, Antelope in 2015 joins our running woven wool carpet lines – now in two colorways – having had such success as a custom pattern.
Scatter: Addressing a Design Need
True story. While so many of our original designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, from wildlife to wildflowers, sometimes a great design theme is looking us right in the eye, from the top of our desk. Such is the case with Scatter, an ‘etched’ design inspired by the inside of the common envelope. We are excited about the initial response to all seven captivating colorways.
For information on these new additions, contact sales@langhornecarpets.com.