The Campaign for Wool Completes Wool Week 2015 in China and Japan

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The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010, and is a multi-national, cross-industry coalition working together to raise the profile of wool as the natural sustainable fiber for fashion and interiors. The Campaign recently completed a successful Wool Week 2015 in China and Japan.

Focusing on the Campaign’s belief to “Live Naturally, Choose Wool,” the three day event partnered with the JZ Festival Shanghai in China, in addition to 13 other Campaign partners included in a “wool wardrobe” display. In Japan, the world renowned Japanese department store and Campaign for Wool partner Isetan Shinjuku hosted a “woolly takeover,” to help celebrate Wool Week. Other campaign partner hosted promotions throughout the week to help customers better understand the benefits of choosing wool products.

Langhorne Carpet Co. is a charter member of the Campaign for Wool and helped with the Campaign’s launch in the US.  Langhorne Carpet Company is a leader in the worldwide wool industry, and has used the highest quality wool to weave the finest carpets for its customers.

Langhorne Carpet Company president Bill Morrow states that “we believe in the superior qualities of wool products and the positive effect the use of wool products have on the environment. The Campaign for Wool helps to bring these outstanding qualities to the public eye.” The Campaign for Wool and Langhorne Carpet Company is pleased to continue to help educate and promote the benefits of this traditional fabric to consumers worldwide.

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