Good News for Designers! Langhorne Lowers Minimum Custom Order

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Langhorne carpet used in stairs

Langhorne carpet used in stairsBig News for Small Orders: Langhorne Carpet Company Lowers Minimums for Custom Goods. Designers can now customize carpets from 15 feet. Excellent news for interior designers seeking out the perfect custom stair runner, hallway carpet, small rug or one-of- a-kind border: After 80-some years in business, Langhorne Carpet is offering our customers the option to place smaller orders of 27-inch- width and 36-inch- width custom wool carpets. Formerly, Langhorne’s minimum custom order was 60 feet (20 linear yards). Today, it’s 15 feet, only 5 linear yards.

“Lowering our minimums gives designers a lot of flexibility, because they can now order smaller quantities of custom work,” said Langhorne co-owner Bill Morrow, whose family has owned and operated the Bucks County Wilton Jacquard mill, hand-working and inspecting each piece, for nearly a century.

Despite the American mill’s history and heritage, the company itself continues to innovate by offering services that other mills can’t—or won’t. “We’re expanding our efforts to make our custom carpets as accessible as possible,” said Morrow, adding that the new option to place smaller orders is, “an entirely unique opportunity.”

Pictured above: Langhorne’s broadloom carpet Antelope in cocoa, white and brown, used as a stair runner.