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Grundy Dining Room Carpet

Langhorne Carpet Company Weaves Carpet for Historic Grundy Museum Renovation 

The Grundy Museum, located at 610 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania, was the home of William and Mary Ridgway Grundy and their two children, Joseph and Margaret. William was the owner of the Grundy Mill in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries. The Grundy’s purchased the house in 1884 and set about turning it into a fashionable, modern “dream house.” The Grundy family chose to remodel in the Queen Anne style, which was new and very popular. The 19th-century renovation included the addition of The Dining Room, where a custom-made rug was added in 1885 and remained until 2018.  The new rug is a replica of the original c 1885 carpet.  

The Museum is being renovated to more fittingly show its Victorian legacy. “We’re trying to get the house back to its most Victorian state,” said Geoff Webster, Curator of the Grundy Museum.

Grundy Dining Room Carpet

Grundy Dining Room Carpet

“The rug which was in the Dining Room was made in c. 1885 for the room. It has 11 sides and is fitted to the room. Needless to say, it was quite worn and damaged,” said Webster. “We are all beyond thrilled with the results that Langhorne Carpet Company was able to achieve for us. It is entirely faithful to the original rugs pattern and design but gives the room a much fresher appearance.”

This is the second time Langhorne Carpet Company, one of two working Jacquard mills in the US, has produced a carpet for the historic Grundy Mansion. The first project was a carpet for the Entry Hall. “The Langhorne Carpet family is very proud we were once again chosen by Grundy Mansion to produce such a unique and special carpet.  We look forward to working with them on future historic restoration projects,” said Langhorne president and co-owner Bill Morrow.

Langhorne Carpet Company is known for custom design work and historic reproductions.  Langhorne also weaves small minimum jobs per customer requests and can serve as a one-stop partner for design assistance and fabrication.

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Langhorne Carpet is made from the highest quality wool from either New Zealand or the United Kingdom. Our wool buyers know that every yard we acquire must be the best available. There is simply no finer wool in the world. The best synthetic imitation cannot compare to our carpet when it comes to color, clarity, texture, feel, fit and finish.

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